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KUGB Northern Region Championships 2019

20 Oct 2019

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club enjoyed another terrific weekend at the KUGB Northern Region Championships. The Northern Region event is held at the University of Sunderland and attracts the best Karateka and clubs from all around the Northern areas hoping to win at this prestigious event.

​Leeds Shotokan have been the Senior Male Team Kumite Champions at this event for the last 3 years so were under pressure to replicate the success once more. Ethan Armstrong, Luciano Zanuni and Jade Stapleton Smith all performed excellently and did not disappoint. In the Semi-final we saw three classic ippons from each team member to reach the final. The team fought hard and smart to win Gold against a very strong Sendai Kushiro A team.

​Ethan the current World Champion showed no sign of letting up and fought brilliantly all day on his way to yet another Gold in the Senior Men’s Kumite. His efforts led to him being awarded the Randy Williams Memorial Trophy for most outstanding competitor. It is such a proud moment for anyone from Leeds Shotokan to be awarded the trophy in honour of our late, great instructor Sensei Randy.

​Jade Stapleton-Smith and Luciano Zanuni repeated last year’s terrific battle in the final of the under 18's category but this time it was Luciano that managed to come out on top on this occasion with the fight going to a judge’s decision.

Nathan Brady has made big improvements this year and put in another terrific performance in the u21 Kumite. Nathan managed to achieve a Silver against Callum Wilson a Bronze medal winner at the world championships, Tushan Joseph Managed to secure a bronze in the same category.

​Miranda Moualeu continued her outstanding form this year and comfortably won gold with a perfect ippon in the final. The same category saw Libby Vernon winning bronze with a much improved and confident performance.

​Bill Pinder performed excellently in the boys Under 5’ and improved on last year’s bronze medal position to take the Gold, and a well-deserved Gold it was for all the hard work Billy has put in this year.  

Kishan Sharman is another student who trains very hard finally got on the podium with a well-deserved bronze medal, Kishan was eventually defeated, after a hard-fought fight, by an England internationalist.

Ronan Mascarenhas, Oliver Pennycook, and Joshua Temple all took a bronze medal in their respective categories with each of them showing terrific spirit and determination. These young lads are all showing fantastic potential and who knows, they could be a future senior kumite team in the making!

​There were other good performances on the day by Elsie Pinder (Ippon Kumite) who showed fantastic spirit, and attitude. We can see where Elsie gets her spirit from. Her dad John Pinder fought brilliantly in the senior male B team with a back injury and did fantastically well going out first against a strong Malvern No1 fighter.


Well done everyone.


KUGB Grand Slam 2019

6 Oct 2019

The KUGB Grand Slam is a chance for Leeds Shotokan’s KUGB England squad members to compete for England against the other home nations.

As ever LSKC were strongly represented at the competition with 8 competitors in the Kumite events.

Sensei Ryan Tucker and Ethan Armstrong both fought exceptionally well in the senior male kumite event with Ryan taking home a silver and Ethan collecting the bronze medal. Both fought in the victorious England Senior Male team.

Caroline McGrath once again showed incredible consistency on her way to a third place in the Senior Ladies Kumite.

Nathan Brady and Tushan Joseph were in action in the Male u21 Kumite event and both picked up medals. Nathan fought superbly well to grab the bronze medal and Tushan took part in what was easily the fight of the day in the final. Unfortunately, Tushan was just edged out by England team mate Callum Wilson in an unbelievably close fight which went to two extensions!

Luciano Zanuni and Jade Stapleton Smith once again had an all Leeds battle in the final of the Male u18 Kumite event. As ever, when these two fight, it was a close and enthralling battle with Luciano coming out on top on this occasion.

Finally, Miranda Moualeu and Libby Vernon were both competing in the Girls Kumite u16 event. Libby put in one of her best performances of the year and was unlucky to miss out on a medal losing to the eventual finalist. Miranda was once again on fire as she stormed to victory with a brilliant Ippon in the final.

All the Leeds competitors deserve great credit for their performances, spirit, determination and attitude throughout the day. They continue to be a credit to the club and the KUGB.

World Shotokan Karate Association Championships - Lisbon 2019

20-22 Sept 2019

Ethan Armstrong rounded off a fine World Shotokan Karate Championships for LSKC by taking Gold in the Senior Men’s Individual Kumite (fighting) event in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ethan came into this event as the reigning European champion but was far from phased by the pressure. He eased his way to the final with some excellent wins over Portugal, Denmark and Russia, and once ahead in the final never looked like losing. When the clock ticked to 00:00 with Ethan 2-0 ahead it was one of the most special moments in Leeds Shotokan’s 53-year history.

Also, in action on the Senior day of the Championships we’re Caroline McGrath and Leeds Shotokan instructor Sensei Ryan Tucker. Both fought fantastically well with McGrath narrowly missing out on a medal as part of the Senior Ladies Team Kumite event. Tucker fought alongside Armstrong once again in the Senior Mens Team Kumite. England were the defending champions in this event but unfortunately had to settle for the bronze medal after narrowly being defeated by Russia in the semi-final.

In the Junior events Jade Stapleton Smith and Luciano Zanuni, who had fought each other in the final 2 years ago, both looked sharp in their bouts but unfortunately could not quite repeat the feat. Zanuni, however battled his way to a well-earned individual bronze.

Miranda Moualeu, competing in her first ever World Championships, fought wonderfully and scored some excellent points as she claimed her first ever international medal by taking Bronze in the Youth Ladies Individual Kumite event.

The most exciting moment of the whole championships belonged to Leeds’s Tushan Joseph. Tushan, who was also making his debut for England, was the third fighter for the Junior Male team. In an immensely close final against Sweden, Tushan was sent out to fight knowing that only a win would secure the title for England. With only 3 seconds left and the scores tied at 1-1, Tushan chased his opponent down to score the winning blow just as the clock hit zero, setting off rapturous celebrations by his England team mates and supporters who had made the trip.

Once again LSKC students did their club and their country proud on the biggest stage. Everyone who trains at LSKC should be very proud of them, and also inspired. For students who are prepared to work hard, and attend as many competitions as possible, the opportunity to represent KUGB England is an achievable goal. Especially as we are privileged to train alongside some of the best competitors in the world!


KUGB Shotokan Cup 2019

11 Sept 2019

The KUGB Shotokan Cup is one of the most prestigious events in the KUGB calendar. The British individual championships are only open to brown and black belts and as such sees an incredibly high standard of competition from the very start.

Leeds Shotokan took a strong squad, with many of our athletes using this competition as final preparation ahead of the upcoming World Shotokan Karate Association championships. LSKC came home with a mixed bag of results, with some of the less experienced competitors just missing out on medals but performing very well at such a high standard. Most notable of these was Oliver Pennycook who put in one of his most complete performances since he started competing, giving him an excellent platform to kick on from.

Miranda Moualeu was once again the star of the day bringing the British title back to Leeds with an exceptional performance. Her development this year has been fantastic to watch and this result will hopefully fill her with confidence for the upcoming World Championships.

Luciano Zanuni and Jade Stapleton-Smith were, as usual, in amongst the medals in the 16-17 year old Kumite event. Luciano took home the silver medal and Jade the bronze in what continues to be one of the most hotly contested categories in all of the KUGB.

Tushan Joseph marked his return to Leeds with a bronze medal in the Men’s 18-21 year old Kumite whilst Nathan Brady returned from an injury lay off to join Tushan on the podium, also bringing back a bronze medal.

Lastly, Caroline McGrath once again showed exceptional consistency as she fought superbly to win the Bronze Medal in the Senior Ladies Kumite event.

Well done to all who competed and represented Leeds Shotokan so well.


Leeds Shotokan Club Grading

6 July 2019

The chief instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain, Sensei Andy Sherry was in York to put Leeds and Shinko students through their paces before assessing them at the most recent club grading.

Grading's are always a nervous time for students who have been practising for months to achieve the required standard to be awarded their next belt. These nerves are always heightened when Sensei Sherry is in town.

All students performed well to achieve their next grade, and all we're given constructive feedback by Sensei Sherry on how they can improve further. It is so important that students listen to this feedback and apply it in every session.

Sensei was very pleased by the spirit and attitude on display by both Leeds and Shinko students.

Congratulations to our successful students

1st Kyu Oliver Pennycook

1st Kyu Ronan Mascharenhas

1st Kyu Risa Mascharenhas - Graded at Rothwell

2nd Kyu Rajwant Kaur Sian

2nd Kyu Billy Pinder

2nd Kyu Kishan Sharma

2nd Kyu Arthur Turner

3rd Kyu Leshan Roe

3rd Kyu Alison Tilley

3rd Kyu Esme Devine

4th Kyu Lukas Hylton

4th Kyu Maya Sharma

4th Kyu Reece Harrison

5th Kyu Tanay Nair

5th Kyu Mustafa Younes

5th Kyu Elsie Pinder

6th Kyu Liam Chawner

6th Kyu Lauren Hylton

7th Kyu Mariam Bokhari

7th Kyu Amina Bokhari

7th Kyu Autumn Howden

7th Kyu John Timperley

8th Kyu Arandeep Singh Rathore

8th Kyu Iftikhar Hussain

8th Kyu Adam Hussain

8th Kyu Arek Kuziel

9th Kyu Jagjit Singh Rathore

9th Kyu Jakob Koziel


KUGB National Youth Championships

29 June 2019

Leeds Shotokan came away with a mixed bag of results at the KUGB National Youth Championships in Chesterfield this weekend.

The Youth Nationals is an opportunity for LSKC studens, who are younger than 21 to compete at a national, high calibre event.

Leeds took a mixture of experienced and new competitors to the competition and all performed with spirit and commitment throughout the day. Perhaps most pleasing to see was the camaraderie between the squad, particularly the support offered by the experienced competitors to the more junior athletes.

Miranda Moualeu put the disappointment of a narrow Nationals defeat behind her by putting in her most impressive performance to date. Miranda fought outstandingly well to claim Gold in the Girls Kumite over 5ft3.

In the Junior Male Kumite 16-17 years old Jade Stapleton Smith lost out to england team mate Niall Gilligan in the semi final to claim bronze. This unfortunately brought an end to Leeds Shotokan's 18 month period of dominance in this event. 


Joshua Temple fought bravely on his way to a bronze medal in the boys Kumite u5ft competition.


Well done to all Leeds Shotokan Competitors and thank you to all the parents and families who came to support. 


KUGB National Championships

11 May  2019

Once again it was time for the biggest and most prestigious event in the KUGB Calendar as clubs across the country descended on the Leicester Morningside Arena for the 53rd KUGB National Championships.

Leeds Shotokan took a small, but very high calibre squad to the event with every student performing admirably in their event. Joshua Temple, Billy Pinder, Arthur Turner and Kishan Sharma gained invaluable experience at this level with Kishan and Billy narrowly missing out on a Bronze Medal. 

Liberty Vernon fought bravely but was unlucky to match with the eventual champion in the girls kumite. In the same event Miranda Moualeu battled here way to a silver medal, missing out on the Gold to a razor thin judges decision in the final.

Leeds Shotokan continued their domestic dominance in the Boys Under 18 Kumite with Jade Stapleton-Smith and Luciano Zanuni battling it out in a repeat of last years final. It was another cracking fight, fitting of the occasion, which on this occasion saw Luciano take home the Gold medal. 

In the Senior Individual Kumite events Sensei Ryan Tucker and Ethan Armstrong both had to settle for a Bronze Medal whilst Caroline McGrath took home the senior ladies title in one of the most emotional moments of the day. Caroline managed to win her first national title in her 20th year competing in the event - an outstanding achievement and testament to her hard work!

For many years Jadfe and Luciano have been touted as future key fighters in the senior mens team for Leeds Shotokan. At the 2019 National Championships the future became the present as Jade and Luciano fought alongside Ethan Armstrong and Sensei Ryan Tucker as Leeds Shotokan reclaimed the national title they had come so close to defending last year.

Full Results

Gold - Leeds Shotokan - Senior Mens Team Kumite

Gold - Caroline McGrath - Senior Ladies Individual Kumite

Gold - Luciano Zanuni - Cadet Male Kumite

Silver - Jade Stapleton Smith - Cadet Male Kumite

Silver - Miranda Moualeu - Girls Kumite Over5ft3

Bronze - Ethan Armstrong - Senior Male Kumite

Bronze - Sensei Ryan Tucker - Senior Male Kumite


Leeds Shotokan Karate Club - Kyu Grading

16th March 2019

Leeds Shotokan's future stars we're in action on the 7th of March at the first Kyu Grading of 2019.

From total beginners to those nearing their black belt the grading's are always a nerve wracking occasion as the students are examined by one of the countries top instructors. This time it was Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan who was casting a watchful eye over the students and checking if they had reached the standard of Kihon, Kata and Kumite required to be awarded their next belt.

Sensei made a point to mention how impressed he was with the spirit and attitude shown by the students and also noted there had been some big improvements with some.

Congratulations to all who achieved their grade.


Liverpool Youth Championships

6th April 2019

Many of Leeds Shotokan's students were back in action this weekend at the Liverpool Youth Karate Championships.

The competition sees some of the best youth competitors in the country compete alongside many competing for the first time. It is inspirational for all to see the levels of talent on show at the event.

Leeds Shotokan took a mix of experienced international athletes alongside some who are beginning to get the competitive bug! There was a mixed bag of results and performances but what cannot be faulted is the spirit, attitude and bravery of all those who competed. 

At Leeds Shotokan we will always encourage students to go out and test themselves against the best around, competitions like this one really bring out the best in people and will inspire further improvements in the dojo!

Full results

1st - Luciano Zanuni - Male 16/17 Kumite

1st - Miranda Mouleou - Girls 12-15 Kumite 5ft3 and over

3rd - Liberty Vernon - Girls 12-15 Kumite 5ft3 and over

3rd - Billy Pinder - Boys 12-15 Kumite u5ft