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News from 2023

Leeds Shotokan Kyu Grading

11 Mar 2023

Leeds Shotokan students made the trip over to York on Saturday 11th March, with everyone ready to take their next grading under Sensei Billy Higgins, 8th Dan.

Sensei took the black and brown belts through an exceptional class covering advanced Kihon, Kata and Kumite!

The grading went exceptionally well with all of Leeds Shotokan students performing exceptionally well under the pressure of the grading environment.

Well done to everyone who made the trip over to York, and thank you to our friends over at York Elite for hosting us. Extra special congratulations must be sent to Angelos who managed to double grade right to red belt - well done!

Full list of graders below.

Stavroula Angoua - 1st Kyu

Olivia Bakun - 4th Kyu

Alex Goskova - 4th Kyu

Jason Glassman - 5th Kyu

Katyzyna Bakun - 5th Kyu

Homaira Begum - 6th Kyu

Ra’eesah Miah - 6th Kyu

Adreesah Miah - 6th Kyu

Zayyan Miah - 6th Kyu

Louis Hanna - 6th Kyu

Hazel Cosgrove - 6th Kyu

Daniel Glassman - 6th Kyu

Neviah Mondonca - 6th Kyu

Naashon Mendonca - 6th Kyu

Vihaan Thakor - 7th Kyu

Aarush Kumar - 7th Kyu

Jasleen Gour - 7th Kyu

Harjas Gour - 7th Kyu

Hei Yin Loong - 8th Kyu

Dylan Elwood Lui - 8th Kyu

Angelos Koutsoukos - 8th Kyu

Amelia Munton - 8th Kyu

Tom Exelby - 8th Kyu

George Kirwan - 8th Kyu

Viren Pai - 9th Kyu

Clark Wan - 9th Kyu

Henry Kirwan - 9th Kyu

Stratis Koutsoukos - 9th Kyu

Maria Koutsoukos - 9th Kyu

George Smith - 9th Kyu

Oscar Ross - 9th Kyu

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