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News from 2020

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club Kyu Grading

13 Dec 2020

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club managed to hold the eagerly anticipated and long awaited first grading of the year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the grading, originally scheduled for March, was cancelled on more than one occasion much to the frustration of the students who had worked so hard online and in the dojo.

Sensei Garry Harford 8th Dan visited the dojo on Sunday 13th December to asses our kyu grades for their next belt.

In order to comply with all COVID regulations the grading was a little different to what we are used to. Unfortunately there was no session beforehand and each grading group was very small.

Despite the challenges faced all of the students rose to the occasion with some excellent performances. Particular praise must go to Stravroula Angoura and John Timperley who have made vast improvements this year and are now at a fantastically high standard for their grade.

Sensei Ryan would like to take the opportunity now to thank everyone from near and far who have supported the club through this difficult year. Your commitment and dedication whilst having very little to work towards has been inspiring. It is this level of application and drive for self-improvement which is part of the very foundation of Karate.

1st Kyu – Alison Sherridan
2nd Kyu – John Pinder
2nd Kyu – Lukas Hylton
2nd Kyu – Maya Sharma
3rd Kyu – Mustafa Younes
3rd Kyu – Elsie Pinder
3rd Kyu – Serena Matyas Sari
5th Kyu – John Timperley
7th Kyu – Stravroula Angoura
9th Kyu – Keith Morton
9th Kyu – Torrin Morton
9th Kyu – Adella Morton
9th Kyu – James Trentini

WE ARE BACK!!!! - Leeds Shotokan dojo's to reopen.

03 Aug 2020

*******WE ARE BACK********

We are delighted to announce that after 4 months of online classes Leeds Shotokan are getting back to the dojo! Things will be a little different so that we can keep everyone safe.


Head over to our documentation section and read the rules you will have to follow so that we can return to the dojo safely. Click Here.


To be able to book a class please create an account on (click log in in the top right to sign up)


Or follow this link to download our new mobile app, you should be able to sign up there.


You can book single sessions through the app but if you want to book for more than one person you will need to use the website.


For the time being if you normally pay by standing order this won’t be available. This is to ensure we know ahead of time exactly who will be attending sessions, and how many people will be there.


We cannot wait to see you!

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club Moves Online!

07 Apr 2020

As many of you know, due to the ongoing global coronavirus situation Leeds Shotokan have been forced to close our doors indefinitley.

The good news is that we are now streaming live Karate classes directly into your living room! Staying active is brilliant to help with keeping a healthy body, and a healthy mind.

We're doing all we can to help stay inside and stay active! What better way to do it that by learning a Martial Art. 

We know that we are all fighting this battle together, so here's the best part, the classes are completely free!

Email us on or fill in the contact form below and we'll send you all the details!

Stay safe everyone.

KUGB National Kyu Grade Championships

15 March 2020

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club student Liam Chawner was in action at the KUGB Kyu Grade Championships in Prestatyn, Wales.

Despite being our only competitor at the event Liam performed brilliantly on his way to a Gold medal in the Kumite and a Bronze Medal in the Kata event.

Liam has consistently been a leading example amongst the club Kyu grades. He very rarely misses a class and will always train with great spirit, determination and a fighting attitude. 


Congratulations to Liam on an exceptional performance!


1st - Liam Chawner - Male Kumite

3rd - Liam Chawner - Male Kata 

AMA National Open Championships

1 Mar 2020

On 1st of March 2020 Leeds Shotokan Karate Club took a small squad of senior competitors to compete in the AMA National Open Championships. The competition was a chance to compete against international competitors from many different styles of Karate.

The standard of competition was very high with World and European all styles champions competing across a range of categories so it offerend LSKC students a change to challenge themselves against high calibre, and unknown opponents.

Ethan Armstrong continued his winning ways despite being in a tremendously difficult category. He took gold in the Mens u85kg section.

Sensei Caroline McGrath fought exceptionally well on her way to a silver medal in the Ladies +65kg category.

Nathan Brady was entered into the Mens Open Weigh Shobbu Ippon section and performed brilliantly, fighting with great spirit and determination to claim the silver medal.

The mens team fought in the rotation category and saw Luciano Zanuni, Jade Stapleton Smith, Nathan Brady and ethan Armstrong competing. Unfortunately Luciano suffered an injury to his shoulder and could not continue to complete. The other three gentlemen put in a stellar performance to claim the bronze Medal.

Gold - Ethan Armstron - Mens u85kg Kumite

Silver - Sensei Caroline McGrath - Ladies +65kg Kumite

Silver - Nathan Brady - Mens Shobbu Ippon Kumite

Bronz - Leeds Shotokan - Mens Team Rotation Kumite