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About Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

Why choose Leeds Shotokan Karate Club

The study of Shotokan Karate is a great way to get fit, build your confidence, and meet new people. All the while learning a fun and exciting martial art.

Karate is a fantastic activity for families and kids. With discipline, respect and self-control among our core values, lessons learnt in the dojo often transcend into valued life skills outside of it.

Leeds Shotokan have been affiliated to the Karate Union of Great Britain for over 50 years. The KUGB is the largest single style organisation in the UK, whose senior instructors are some of the most experienced and well renowned karateka in the world.

Leeds Shotokan are a completely inclusive, non-discriminatory club. We welcome all ages, backgrounds and physical abilities, from total beginners to National Squad members and International Champions we are a club for everyone in the community.

If you do have a competitive edge we also offer opportunities to compete in local, regional and national competitions. If successful enough you could be invited to train with the Karate Union of Great Britain National Squad, opening up the opportunity to compete on an International stage.

Incredible karate club. Inspiring that many world champions are members. Governed by the KUGB ( biggest karate body in UK ) means real , structured progress is possible providing the student attends each class and works hard. The teachers help everyone and somehow bring every individual on at each persons pace / level of ability. I have looked into every club in Leeds. This is the biggest , the oldest and the most respected of them all. A wonderful place where all are welcomed.

Anna Freem

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