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Leeds Shotokan 1966-Present

Over 50 years teaching world class martial arts

Formation - Sensei Ronnie Wade

Leeds Shotokan Karate Club has been established for over 50 years  and throughout that time the club has produced many students who have gone on to represent their country at national and International level.  Leeds Shotokan have regularly produced champions in both Kata and Kumite from Local all the way to International level. Since its formation, the club has held dojos in many locations throughout Leeds, with its current home the Roundhegians rugby club in Roundhay, backed up by the Roundhay Parochial Hall Dojo.


Sensei Ronnie Wade, 4th Dan, was the original instructor when the club was formed. He himself went on to become an international competitor, competing alongside other legendary Karateka such as Terry O'Neill and Ticky Donovan.  When Sensei Wade gave up the task of chief instructor at the Leeds Shotokan Karate Club, one of his students, Sensei Bob Rhodes, took over the responsibility. Sensei Robert Rhodes, 8th Dan (or Bob as he is fondly known by his students) steered the club for many years, producing countless famous Karateka such as Randy Williams, Matt Price and Sean Roberts.

Sensei Bob Rhodes

A fierce competitor himself, Sensei Bob Rhodes was part of the Leeds team that won the KUGB National Championship back in 1973. Sensei was also a part of the British All Styles team who famously defeated Japan to capture the 1975 World Championships in Los Angeles


Despite no longer being based in Leeds, Sensei keeps a close eye on LSKC as one of the most senior instructors in the KUGB. Sensei is a current KUGB Grading Examiner, member of the technical committee and a fully qualified international referee.


The Karate Union of Great Britain feature a biography of Sensei on their website - Click Here to read more.

When Sensei Bob Rhodes made the decision to move away from Leeds, he left the running of the club, and the role of Chief Instructor to Sensei Randolph Williams, 6th Dan. Sensei Randy Williams went on to become one of Leeds Shotokans most famous Karateka, a true great who inspired and empowered many of the competitors who represent the club and their country today.

Sensei Randy Williams - Present Day

As a member of the KUGB England team, Sensei Randy Williams won several European team gold medals and in 1990, like Sensei Bob before him, was a member of the KUGB England team who won the World Championships by defeating Japan.  Sensei Randy Williams was also 4 times KUGB Shotokan Cup individual champion and, at the age of 40, he became one of the most popular winners ever of the KUGB National Individual Kumite title. After this victory Sensei decided it was the right time to retire from competition and concentrate on the running of the Leeds Shotokan Karate Club. The club continued to prosper under Sensei Randy Williams until he sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2012. 

We have a further tribute to Sensei Randy Williams that you can read by clicking Here


Following the untimely passing of Sensei Randy Williams senior club members and parents pulled together to form a committee in order to keep the club and Sensei's legacy alive. Despite this obviously being an incredibly difficult time the club continued its tradition of producing KUGB National Champions and International competitors. Club in its present form is now run by Sensei Ryan Tucker who you can read about Here.

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